A special thank-you to everyone who donated their tickets back to help our organization during this time. Refunds will be processed shortly, and all remaining South by Northwest Tickets will be converted into a tax-deductible contribution to ORS, and we’ll send you an acknowledgment letter for your gift.

Thank you for the constant stream of support and generosity we’ve received these past few weeks in light of the unsettling COVID-19 crisis in our state, country, and across the globe. You remind us of the community, hope, and commitment we all share in ensuring the arts remain an essential part of our city today and for all tomorrow’s still to come. We are monitoring and navigating the constantly changing headlines and government announcements regarding COVID-19 with great consideration and responsibility. 

Please stay in touch with your friends and family, wash your hands, practice safe distancing, stay home (outside of essential outings) and fill your souls with music that raises your spirit.

Be well!
Lauren Bryan
Executive Director