Six Ways to Support Your Singers!

#1. Donate Your Ticket(s) Back to ORS

A special thank-you to everyone who donated their tickets back to help our organization during this time. Refunds will be processed shortly, and all remaining South by Northwest Tickets will be converted into a tax-deductible contribution to ORS, and we’ll send you an acknowledgment letter for your gift. If you have any additional questions please email [email protected].

#2. Become an ORS GEM (Give Every Month) Supporter

This level of giving has never been so critical to ORS. By joining a steadfast troupe of ORS GEM Supporters, you are contributing to reliable and consistent revenue every month that would have otherwise been provided by subscription, ticket, and tuition income. Without this important income, we will have to make even harder decisions about our future.

As a thank-you, any supporter who commits to becoming an ORS GEM will receive exclusive benefits that express our gratitude.

#3. See if Your Employer Will Double Your Donation

Right now, every little bit helps. If you’re able to donate today, find out if your company will match your gift to us. It takes just a few minutes to submit a matching gift request to your employer.

#4. New Digital Content

We are working hard to produce compelling and unique digital content as often as we can.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the videos we have planned and can’t wait to share with you! In return, we ask you to share this content on your social media feeds to help us grow our audiences and engage with new people.


#5. Support ORS While You Shop

Instead of logging into, log-in at and sync your Amazon account with ANY charity of your choice (we hope you’ll choose ORS). Once you place an order, .5% of your purchases will be donated to your charity. No additional cost to you!

Log-in to your Fred Meyer Rewards account and select Oregon Repertory Singers as your charity of choice. A percentage of your purchase will be donated to ORS. But remember, you have to be logged in via

#6. Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Share with your friends and family how important ORS is to you. Your voice can be louder and reach much farther than ours can.