ORSYC Descriptions

ORS Youth Choirs rehearse weekly on Tuesday afternoons/evenings at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Northeast Portland. All choirs typically perform for two to three concerts throughout the season (September-May).  Additional concerts may be added during the year. Advance notification will be given so families can schedule accordingly. 

Read through the descriptions of our choirs below, and check out our weekly schedule and important dates for more information about the season.


PRIMO: Pre-K - K

Our Primo Choir is specially designed for pre-K and kindergarten aged children to explore the wonderful world of singing. Singers attend class for 45 minutes each week. Rehearsal begins with a 20-25 minute music class with kids participating in singing games and movement activities designed to strengthen their ability to match pitch and keep a steady beat. In the spring, they begin learning skills that will lead to music literacy.  During the last 20 minutes, the children rehearse concert music while learning proper singing posture and exercises to strengthen breathing and singing in tune.  

POCO: Grade 1-3

Our Poco choir is open to children in grades 1 - 3 who are seeking new adventures as a choir member! Performing with multiple grades creates wonderful new growth and leadership opportunities. They will also begin learning the skills necessary for musical independence in our musicianship classes. 

Singers attend class for one hour each week. They participate in a 30 minute musicianship class, based on the Methods of Zoltan Kodaly. They work on music literacy skills through a variety of singing games, movement and listening activities. They then participate in a 30 minute choir rehearsal, where they learn appropriate choir posture, breathing and vocalizing, along with singing age-appropriate choral literature of the highest quality.  Unison and canonic 2-part singing is the focus of this choir. 

BRIOSO: Grade 4-6

Brioso choir is open to children in grades 4th -6th  who love to sing.  The choir performs challenging music, and has exciting new performance opportunities. In grade 4 our musicianship curriculum takes a more challenging turn for musical independence during their musicianship classes.

Singers participate in a separate 30 minute musicianship class where they work on music literacy skills, based on the methods of Zoltan Kodaly.  They then sing for 60 minutes in a choir rehearsal, learning appropriate breathing, blending  and vocal techniques.  The choral literature is written by many different composers in a variety of different styles and languages.  Unison and 2-part singing is the focus of this choir.

VIVO: Grade 7-12

Vivo Choir is open to treble voice singers in grades 7-12. This group is for singers who demonstrate strong musicianship skills and have experience singing in choirs or playing an instrument. Students participate in separate rehearsals and musicianship classes that focus on sight-reading and ear-training exercises based in the methods of Zoltan Kodaly.

Chamber Singers

Chambers Singers (formerly known as Lyric Singers)  is open to advanced treble voices enrolled in Vivo. These students have demonstrated (in an audition with the artistic director) advanced musicianship and vocal skills . This group  meets for 30 minutes after Vivo rehearsal ends. This group is for singers who wish to perform at an even higher level in a smaller ensemble.  They have the opportunity to sing for additional performances when a smaller group is requested, as well as at all regular youth choir performances. 

Young Men's Choir

Young Men’s Choir is for all boys in 4th through 12th grade. All boys are automatically enrolled in this group with their involvement in Poco, Brioso, or Vivo Choirs/musicianship at no additional cost, and participation is required. Men enrolled in Vivo will go to Young Men’s Choir then attend Vivo rehearsal. This group is designed to specifically work with the vocal development of young men.