Thank you for joining us for Critical Mass.
We look forward to singing for you again in our 43rd season! 

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Our season concludes with Critical Mass, a concert featuring two of the most important compositions for a cappella choir from the early twentieth century, both settings for double choir of the traditional Latin mass.  The first is Mass in G Minor (1921) by the great English romantic composer, Ralph Vaughn Williams, whose vocal writing remains among the most lush and indulgent from this difficult time in English history.  The other is by Swiss composer Frank Martin, whose stunning and virtuosic Mass for Double Chorus (1922-26), was never intended to be performed publicly. Martin considered the Mass a youthful attempt, on his way to a more mature style.  Fortunately, over forty years after its completion, the Mass was finally performed and has now become standard repertoire for major choral ensembles.  Both compositions were modeled after the liturgical masses of the Renaissance, utilizing techniques, sound and texture characteristics of Josquin in the fifteenth century and Palestrina and Victoria in the late sixteenth century.  The resulting work sounds as if a Renaissance Mass were lost in time, aware of both its musical history, and beauty, and of the horrors soon to unfold.

Critical Mass
Saturday Apr 23, 2016 at 2pm
Sunday Apr 24, 2016  at 4pm

First United Methodist Church, Southwest Portland